Business + Social Responsibility = Growth

Grow a better business for the 21st Century


• Are you an entrepreneur with a social conscience?
• Do you want to grow your business and positively contribute to your community?
• Do you want your business to become more socially responsible without losing competitive advantage?
• Do you believe that business can be a force for social good as well as generating wealth?

If you answered yes to any of the above then discover a better way to grow your business in the 21st century.

3 reasons to make your business more ethical

Attract more customers

“73% of consumers care about the company, not just the product when making a purchasing decision.” BBMG

Attract better talent

“Millennials, roughly 50% of the global workforce, want work that connects to a larger purpose.” Harvard Business Review

“Companies with higher levels of employee engagement outperformed the stock market by nearly 20%.” Hewitt Associates

Attract more investment

“Our investor saw iContact’s focus on social and environmental responsibility as a point of differentiation with our competitors and a driver of long-term growth.” CEO, iContact (recently sold for $169 million)

“We seek out exceptional, mission-driven companies creating long-term value, both financially and for humanity.” Brian Singerman, Founders Fund