The meanings behind Red Ochre

Red Ochre was believed to possess magical powers. Bodies were streaked with a thick mix of the powdered rock to give protection against real and imagined dangers.

Red Ochre also had a spiritual value; the dead were sprinkled with the powdered pigment to help guide the spirit in its transition from this realm to the next.

Early man also mixed Red Ochre with water to daub cave walls. Abstract patterns and representative figures were painstakingly finger-painted. The luminescent red ethereally and powerfully bringing to life events, thoughts and dreams in the flickering torch light.
Red Ochre was the earliest communications bridge, thought to reality, reality to spirit, a mechanism for change, the thread linking groups and communities as they evolved, grew and spread.

Yet Red Ochre is derived from the earth and has a granularity, so for us Red Ochre reflects our philosophy of powerful thought earthed in a granularity that is real and ultimately achievable.