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January 2024 news updates and funding. Weclome back to the office in 2024. Here’s our update on training, Red Ochre news, and new and interesting funding opportunities.

March 2023 news updates and funding Funding updates, training and interesting articles for Autumn 2023.

March 2023 news updates and funding Funding alerts for spring 2023 and upcoming training from Red Ochre.

September 2022 news updates and funding. We’re back with funding updates, training and placement opportunties, and interesting articles and developments at Red Ochre.

May 2022 news updates and funding. We’ve moved offices, and survived a global pandemic. Welcome back, and catch up on some news and funding opportunities.

May 2021 news jobs training and funding. You will find copies of Red Ochre newsletters here. There are mentions of training, case studies and funding opportunities you might find useful.

October 2020 news jobs funding and training. This month there’s lots of funding, training and job news to digest.

September 2020 news jobs training and funding. More funding, support and training news and resources.

August 2020 news training and funding for late summer.

July 2020 news jobs training and funding. Coming out of the slowdown here is funding and bounceback funding, training and support.

April 2020 Covid19 and funding update. More Covid-19 updates and funding news, general news and ongoing support for businesses, social enterprises and charities.

Covid-19 update emergency funding and remote resources. Covid-19 update, contact details, emergency funding and remote resources.

March 2020 opportunities and funding. Up-cycling workshops and news on the UK Enterprise Fund.

February 2020 news jobs training and funding update. UK and international funding directories, training and social impact videos for February to March 2020.

January-2020-news-jobs-training-and-funding. News, jobs and funding for January and February 2020.

December 2019 News funding and training. Training, funding, sector and client news and job opportunities for December 2019 & January 2020

November 2019 news funding and training. The penultimate update of the year with funding and job opportunities as well as articles and client news.

News training and funding for November. October email with news, funding and training for November 2019.

September news training and funding. Recent news, upcoming training and the latest funding opportunities.

News funding and training for July and August 2019. Lots of funding news and training, and news from Red Ochre clients.

Red Ochre and client news funding and training May-June 2019. Client news and training, Red Ochre updates, and sector news and funding streams for May and June 2019.

Red Ochre News and Training April 2019 Catch up with news, articles and training with this month’s newsletter.

Red Ochre news and resources March 2019 Red Ochre client news, funding, articles and training.

November 2018 – News funding and resources Funding competitions, clients news and some interesting articles and resources.

Funding news and training for June 2018 containing upcoming funding deadlines, legal checklists, articles and training for early summer.

GDPR news and articles for May 2018 update with plain English Privacy Policy, client news and interesting articles.

News articles and training for April 2018 newsletter with coverage for April and May 2018.

February 2018 newsletter covers funding news, infographics and training from February to March

News training and support for December and January. Interesting articles for the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. Also news on free support and training for the sector, and upcoming Red Ochre training sessions.

News jobs and training for November. Jobs, sector news, what we’ve been up to and free and paid upcoming training and support.

October News Funding and Training. Funding, support and sector news for the beginning of autumn.

August and summer’s almost over. August 2017 newsletter with information on funding and support, interesting articles on GDPR, the gender pay gap and IR35 self-assessment tools from HMRC.

News training and resources – July 2017. Training, resources and updates from Red Ochre and our clients for July 2017.

News resources and training from Red Ochre, May 2017 articles and resources, training and news.

February news support and articles, February 2017 funding news, free training and rent free space.

Training news and funding for 2017 and 2016, a year in review for Red Ochre.

news-training-and-support includes news and articles from November and up-coming trainngi and support for December 2016.

september-news-training-and-funding. Funding news, articles, product launches and trainnig, September 2016.

Red Ochre News Events and Training July 2016 Sector and funding news, client news, our overseas work and upcoming training.

Funding news training and resources March 2016.

News articles and training from Red Ochre. January 2016 news, client news and up coming training.

December 2015 Funding articles and training. A recap of the year and some details of training, support and contract opportunities for 2016.

November 2015 Funding articles and training. Catchup with free training, funding and interesting articles and infographics. You can also read about our overseas adventures  in 2015.

News Training and Resources from Red Ochre. In our October newsletter hear about our work in Vietnam and China, our new Tours and Visit Programme and catchup with recent funding news.

News Training and Articles from Red Ochre. Our August newsletter covers the launch of our Teach Seville! programme, free training, and the usual mix of interesting sector and funding news.

July 2015 Red Ochre newsletter with numerous interesting articles, sector news and free training.

May 2015 Red Ochre News, crowdfunding, free training and client news.

News training and resources from Red Ochre, October 2014, newsletter with resources, client news and upcoming training.

News and resources from Red Ochre, July  2014, including sector, client and Red Ochre news, and training.

Late May 2014, including Growth Voucher Scheme, training and support programmes.

May 2014, funding and support for food start-ups, innovative SMEs and early stage social enterprises.

March 2014, study visit of Chinese students, training and social enterprise in Lithuania

January 2014 Red Ochre newsletter, Jan 2014, Gong Hei Fat Choy and welcome tho the Year of the Horse

Dec 2013 Newsletter, 2013 in review, client news, awards, and resources

November 2013, Crowdfunding, more on China and  additional resources

Late August 2013, China and Social Entrepreneurship

Summer 2013, Crowdfunding, Training and news

June 2013

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March 2013, March – April 2013

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