Podcasts and Videos

Hear some of our team in action. Below are some recordings of us delivering training on a range of topics.

Project and Budget Management. This is a brief 15 minute introduction to Project Management given by Robert in 2009 in collaboration with university for the Arts.

Running time: 15 minutes

Format: MP3

Size: 5.1 MB

Introduction to Social Enterprise. This is a short (38 minute) introduction to Social Enterprise given by Uday in 2009 in partnership with the University for the Arts.

Running time: 38 minutes

Format: MP3

Size: 13.0 MB

Creativity and Innovation. See Robert in action  at the 2011 Vertex Conference in Tallin, Estonia. The topics covered include creative thinking, embedding  innovation in an organisation, and innovation in a social context.

Running time: 1:20 minutes

Format: YouTube

Size: N/a (streaming)

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