Our approach

Red Ochre is a social enterprise.  Our social purpose and objectives are central to what we do and how we do it.  Red Ochre works with individuals and organisations that deliver social change and have compatible values. We believe that by helping those making a positive difference to people’s lives or their environment, our support has a multiplier effect through our clients and their work.

First and foremost our approach is customer driven:

We always ask:

  1. “What does the customer want?”
  2. “What is best for the customer?”
  3. “How can we help them?”

Red Ochre has won awards and amongst other things is well regarded for:

  • The quality and practicality of its support
  • Our ability to make complex information and processes much more accessible
  • Expertise recognised internationally
  • A team with complimentary, enterprise-based, skills giving clients a joined-up service
  • Extensive experience across the social economy sector
  • Extremely well networked and part of many consortia
  • A team that is flexible and prepared to try new things
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Find out more about what makes us a social enterprise and our social impact by taking a look at Our Impact.