Mentoring and coaching

We deliver ILM accredited mentor and mentor/coaching training. We offer you professionalism, confidentiality and empathy and have the skills to seamlessly transfer between the mentoring and coaching roles as required.


Red Ochre offers a range of programmes for businesses that want to improve and grow. We cater for both businesses starting up and those already established. We focus on where you are in your business cycle, whether it is advice or a health check, or perhaps wanting assistance in taking the next big step.

Mentoring is a process that requires the mentor and the entrepreneur to delve into the core of the business and to work together to develop a Plan of Action that will guide the business forward.  This process can take a while which is why we recommend a minimum of 4 sessions.  Sessions usually run for between 1.0  and 2.0 hours.

Whilst we offer 1 or 2 session programs, our experience is that 4 sessions are required for the mentoring to be really effective.

We also have the expertise to design and deliver in-house / organisational mentoring programmes. These range from businesses effectively wanting to use their ‘CSR volunteering days’ to those wishing to support unemployed refugees with employability skills.

We run mentor induction days and write bespoke mentoring tool kits.

We have worked with many small and large organisations including the Department for Transport (DfT), Volunteer Centre Westminster, Cardinal Hume Centre, Cherie Blair Foundation, as well as countless individuals.  Uday Thakkar won Mentor of the Year …..   and Penny Daly an award for her work with DfT.


Executive coaching can be described as a personal facilitation providing a framework to identify and focus on what is important in a more strategic sense. By planning and rehearsing for organisational change or performance management, coaching is invaluable. We have the expertise and training to ask the appropriate questions that assist identification, clarification and implementation of personal and organisational goals.

Specifically our work can include both individual and team coaching within the context of the organisation. We will co-design an appropriate programme and coaching contract. Coaching is completely confidential.

We find that our support ensures a positive impact within the first few sessions, with further coaching being there to support implementation. We recommend 4 to 6 sessions, of between 1.5 and 2.0 hours a session.

All our coaches are accredited. Additionally, they have held leadership roles in business themselves so have the appropriate background as well as coaching expertise. We coach in an informal and supportive manner which allows time to:

  • reflect
  • gain new insights
  • work through issues
  • develop effective strategies
  • implement positive personal and organisational change

We have coached numerous leaders and teams to ensure strategic goals are achieved.

To discuss mentoring and coaching, call Penny on 020 7250 8305 or e-mail: