Social Enterprise

Red Ochre successfully supported Chocolution into both commercial and educational sectors to support trading activity and the delivery of social impact. The product range was also diversified so there are multiple entry points and market segments to limit trading exposure and risk of the organisation.

 “The staff at Red Ochre has been fantastically helpful, and has consistently gone over and above the contracted minimum requirements to help us with the business, in terms of extra days, pulling in personal favours and contacts and generally including us in the social enterprise community where ever possible. These are exactly the types of people and organisations who the government must give support if they are to take the Big Society seriously”

Jake Lawy, CEO The Chocolution


Latimer senior management has been supported by Red Ochre with strategic focus, social impact measurement, sales performance and the practicalities of systemising the enterprise.  Latimer offer innovative youth communications services derived from co-created media: the organisation is growing steadily because of a track record of generating significant benefit to clients.

 “Thanks again for the great opportunity and all the advice!” Jacques de Haes, Sales and marketing

“… your analysis and your insights have really shaped the development of the company over the last six months” Matt Hay, Director