2016 in review

2016 is surely going to be seen as a historic year. I have heard it described as the TUNA year (Turmoil, Uncertainty, Negativity, Ambiguity). For Red Ochre, however it has been the same yet different.

As we enter 2017 we will celebrate our 15th birthday. We kicked off in 2002 – with a notion that we had something to offer that would help make the world a better place. Where we could we would do it ourselves where we couldn’t we help those that could. We have managed to keep to this and we believe we have done this with a great deal of success.

We have continued to build and improve organisations and enterprises. We have continued to instill confidence and develop new approaches and ways of thinking, sparking creativity and innovation for the many people who attended our workshops, seminars, mentoring or coaching.

Our reach has extended. Last year we delivered our support was in Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Rwanda, Tunisia and Zambia, building on the other countries that we had previously worked in.

Over 60 local trainers and consultants attended our Train the Trainer workshops where we introduced them to new concepts and tools, some even created by us! NGOs and charities in Africa benefited from intensive workshops on developing, measuring and reporting impact.

We delivered a number of webinars on social enterprise and strategy for Social enterprise UK and contributed articles and blogs to various publications, web sites and social media platforms. In all Red Ochre workshops, seminars and conference presentations attracted over 2,000 delegates.

Interestingly we contributed to a number of conferences on improving ethical business and there was an uptake on our workshop on ethical leadership including one for a programme run at Chatham House for future leaders from around the globe.

Our successful collaboration in supporting enterprise innovation and growth with the British Library Business & IP Centre was renewed. Over 60 exciting small businesses have attended our one to one strategy mentoring sessions and the workshop on “Refining your Business Model”. The programme has already generated a succession of positive outcomes.

We welcomed Shade from Armenia, and Saad from Palestine to spend time with us to learn about social enterprise and the third sector, and a little about London and the work that we do at Red Ochre. You can read more here.

Published: January 31, 2017. Categories: News and Uday's Blog.

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