BitC arc Programme reaches 1000 jobs created!

The arc Programme, run by Business in the Community, has reached a milestone. The social enterprises that the programme supports have collectively created 1,000 jobs in the Olympic host boroughs.

Here are some other inspiring statistics from the arc Programme Impact Report.

  • Over 1000 jobs have been created by arc social enterprises in East London and over 600 in West London
  • Savings: these jobs represent an estimated saving of more than £11.2m to the state, through reduced unemployment claims, improved health outcomes and increased tax revenues
  • Contributions to the UK economy: the contribution of these jobs amounts to £89.8m Gross Value Added
  • 83% of arc social enterprises grew their income, compared to 52% of social enterprises across the UK

Red Ochre is pleased to be a delivery partner of the arc Programme.

Published: December 10, 2015. Categories: Client News and News.

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