Content marketing trends from Write My Site

Friend of Red Ochre, Emily Hill, CEO of Write My Site sends out an interesting regular newsletter on content marketing, blogging, user generated content and the like.

A couple of key points leapt out at me from her most recent newsletter.

  • Blog writing times. A revealing HubSpot survey of 4,000 blog writers from around the world has revealed that the average time for penning a 500-word blog piece is between 1 and 2 hours.
  • Structuring scan-friendly content. A new study has found that only 20% of people read web content word for word, with 80% choosing to skim-read instead. Tests found that, with intelligent structure, the average time spent on page can be doubled, and bounce rate significantly reduced.
  • Keywords in the future. Google’s increasing focus on personalised search results makes it difficult to optimise a narrow set of short tail keywords. Content needs to keep pace with these changes by optimising long-tail, semantically-related terms.

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Published: November 5, 2015. Categories: Client News and Robert's Blog.