Coverage of Red Ochre in the China Business News

For those of you that read Mandarin script here is a report in the China Business News, one of the top financial dailies in China (circulation of 600K each day) I gave on UK social enterprises at a CYDF (China Youth Development Foundation) training event at Hangzhou in June. The report came out on 20 August.
The coverage occupied half a page with colour images including my photo (which couldn’t be helped :)). The narrative explores the UK’s role and postion at the leading edge in developing its social entrepreneurial projects. It also touches on British support for other nations by helping them to build more mature social entrepreneurs.
This report was posted on a couple of other local websites, including He Xun ( which is a well-known local website specialised in finance and economy news and also posted on the Taiwan version of Sina website [In mainland China, Sina website is the most popular portal website in general].

Link on He Xun website

Link on Sina (Tanwai)


Published: September 10, 2012. Categories: News and Robert's Blog.

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