Impact: measurement or leveraging?

It’s taken a little while but I’ve finally managed to begin capturing some of my thoughts from a recent trip to China.
I had the privilege and opportunity over 17 days to train, consult and present to over 300 young Chinese social entrepreneurs and enterprising university students. Their questions and comments have given me an interesting perspective on social enterprise in the UK.


Over the course of three or four short posts I will try and share my thinking with you and hopefully stimulate your thinking as well.


Impact: measurement or leveraging?


In our practice at Red Ochre we see numerous civil society and social sector organisations that are still overly concerned with proving the impact of their actions. While this is an important starting point it is only part of the story.


I am seeing more progressive individuals and organisations that realise that increasing impact is the ultimate goal. In Wuhan this was a topic of discussion and exploration and was a pleasant surprise.


If you’d like to discuss social impact in more detail feel free to contact Robert Foster, or Martin Cooper.

Published: August 15, 2012. Categories: News, Robert's Blog and Social Impact.

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