Businesses set to become more employee-centric with staff wellbeing a priority

Report The Future Workplace looks at evolution of the workplace over the next 15 years. It highlight four trends.

  • Ageless: a workplace which allows ‘returnment’ (what a horrible word), encouraging older workers to remain or return to the workplace instead of retiring, and sees workers’ energised to continue to work until a later age because they want to, rather than have to
  • Mindful: a workplace which nurtures mental health and encourages workers to recharge mentally and achieve balance in their busy hyper-connected, digital lifestyles
  • Intuitive: a workplace that uses data and insight on its workers’ environment, mood, wants and needs to create an all-encompassing, intelligent and intuitive environment
  • Collaborative: a workplace that embraces the collapse of traditional structures to promote open and social exchange, operating a flat structure and embracing the impact of more women in the workplace.

For more details see People Management.

Published: October 13, 2014. Categories: Book Reviews and News.

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