In the shadow of the Pyramids

Creative enterprises are well known for growing economic activity, resuscitating moribund city centres and creating pathways of success for those at the margins of society. Combine this with community based social enterprise and you have the makings of major social change.

The British Council is piloting a programme to stimulate creative and social enterprises in 5 countries. As a prelude to the launch of the programme Red Ochre was asked to deliver a 3-day workshop in Cairo on understanding, supporting and expanding the creative and social enterprise sectors in Egypt.

The workshop was attended by 25 plus senior representatives from various ministries and agencies who have an interest in economic growth, job creation and expanding the creative sector, particularly the craft sector. The workshop resulted in an agreement to explore ways for the various agencies to improve communication, partner on programmes and to pool resources to accelerate the growth and success of social and creative enterprises.

Uday and Robert facilitated an intensive but fun programme and even manged to get in some sightseeing, including exploring an ancient all-night market in the old part of Cairo.

Uday, Robert and delegates at the three day Cairo workshop

Published: April 26, 2019. Categories: News and Uday's Blog.

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