MPS attitudes to charities

NFP Synergy recently ran a quiz quiz to find out how well we, the public and the sector, understand MP’s attitudes towards charities.

Here are the top five questions of interest to MPs and their responses.

  1. Which issue do you think will be at the top of your political agenda for the first year of a new Parliament? – EU Referendum / EU membership/ EU Relations
  2. What do you consider an acceptable percentage of the average charity’s income to be spend on a cause? – 71-80%
  3. What percentage of the average charity’s income do you think is actually spent on a cause? – 51-60%
  4. What is the most frequent way a charity approaches you? – Email
  5. What is the most influential way for a charity to approach you? – Face-to-face meeting

Source: NFPSynergy

Published: November 3, 2015. Categories: Funding and News.

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