New digital technology report finds heritage creating content but not raising revenue

Heritage organisations are producing more work specifically for the digital environment than many of their cultural peers (57% for heritage compared to 47% across the whole arts and cultural sector). They were, however, less likely to report a major positive impact on their revenues from digital technologies (5% for heritage compared to 11% across the whole sector). These are the baseline findings of a new study of the use of new technologies by the Arts and Cultural sector, commissioned by Nesta, ACE and AHRC.

The report found that digital technologies are delivering positive outcomes for many organisations in terms of audience development, creative output and operating efficiency – but lower impacts on revenues. Museums are less likely than the rest of the cultural sector to report positive impacts from digital technologies.

Organisations surveyed said they felt constrained in their digital activities by a lack of staff time and funding and a lack of key technical skills such as data management. The most digitally successful organisations all make use of a wide range of resources for advice and ideas, are more open to experimentation and have digital skills spread throughout their organisation rather than concentrated in one area.

Source: Heritage Update 268. The newsletter of Heritage Link.

The full report Digital Culture: How arts and cultural organisations in England use technology is available online.

Published: December 13, 2013. Categories: News.

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