Post card from China

As some of you may be aware I (Robert Foster) am currently in China with the British Council and other organisations delivering training and lectures on social enterprises and shared value organisations.

I had the opportunity to begin work immediately at a teleconference in Beijing with social entrepreneurs from as far afield as Shanghai. One thing that really struck me was the optimistic views of some of the participants.

One in particular stood out. An experience practitioner said he saw a time (in the not too distant future) when 20-30% of all businesses in China were social enterprises.

This is a lofty target, and I’m not sure that this will come to pass in my life time, but if enough people thought this way then we can realistically expect to see positive changes in our social and commercial systems in the years to come.

If anyone wants to discuss this, or upcoming posts with me from China feel free to drop me a line here Robert.

Published: June 26, 2013. Categories: News and Robert's Blog.

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