Report – Facts and Figures: Legacies for charities

Legacy funding is a key part of the UK charity funding mix. This brief report from NFP Synergy (Facts and Figures: Legacies for charities) has some interesting findings:

  • Charity income from legacies has risen over previous years and now totals over£2.24bn
  • This is 1/4 of the total amount given to charities in the UK and equates to 19 Comic Reliefs or 40 Children in Needs
  • Whilst 35% say they would leave a charitable gift in their will, after ensuring their loved ones were left something, in reality only 7% do
  • 1 in 6 wills when people die include a legacy

Source: NFP Synergy

Published: January 4, 2017. Categories: Funding and News.

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