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Funding a new project or business is often the biggest barrier faced by entrepreneurs. Crowdfunding answers this issue by providing a platform that enables to raise much needed funds from supporters and the wider public using rewards and social media.

Crowdfunding is rapidly growing in the UK and its potential is significant; Nesta estimates that should this model address the challenges it faces as it grows, up to £15 billion of finance annually could be delivered through the model in the coming years.

Forms of crowdfunding

There are several forms of crowdfunding and we can help you with all of these through our relationships with crowdfunding platforms

  • Philanthropic (Crowdfunder) – Not as easy as it sounds, you will have to prove to your supporters you are delivering meaningful social impact with their investment
  • Rewards (Crowdfunder) – pre-sell or market test products and services , or use events and other rewards to pay back your supporters
  • Equity – sell shares in your company to your supporters
  • Loans – go direct to individuals or organisations for peer loans

Want to know more? Have a look at this section to learn how Crowdfunding can help you fund your social initiative!

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