Social Enterprise in Tunisia

There is a growth of interest in social enterprise in Tunisia. A country buffeted by a seismic political change and a collapse of its tourist industry – many entrepreneurs are taking it upon themselves to start solving social issues in a sustainable way.

In March a group of 17 social entrepreneurs, academics and supporters got together to define what social enterprise could do for Tunisia and how the movement could be managed and supported better. The group also want to influence politicians in understanding and supporting social enterprise.

The group agreed an action plan to engage more practitioners, academics and stakeholders to create a national representative body on social enterprise. More activities are anticipated through the summer months.

The initiative is the brainchild of Leila Ben Gacem, a social entrepreneur who champions female led community and enterprises and runs a wonderful social enterprise guest house in Tunis. The group were supported by the British Council in Tunisia.

Uday Thakkar from Red Ochre worked with Lelia to realise the mini-conference and he facilitated the weekend’s activities and helped forge the consensus for the strategy between the various participants.


Published: May 24, 2018. Categories: News and Uday's Blog.

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