“Tailor-made: How community groups improve people’s lives” published

The Community Development Foundation (CDF)  has published the first overall, national picture of the value community groups create.



The research found that community groups are able to develop ‘tailor-made‘ support for people in their communities, complementing statutory services because they have the flexibility to meet specific needs.

For more information on the value community groups create download these reports:

  • building safer communities:  They prevent crime, support victims of crime and support ex-offenders in rebuilding their lives
  • improving the physical environment: They maintain and improve the physical environment  including parks, allotments and buildings
  • enhancing health and wellbeing: They tackle the wider causes of poor health and wellbeing such as poverty, housing, employment, crime, pollution and isolation
  • supporting local economies: They provide training and support to help people into work. They also contribute to economic growth by supporting people to start small businesses and helping people to manage their money better so there is more to spend locally.

Published: October 29, 2014. Categories: News, Robert's Blog and Social Impact.

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