The Chrysalis Effect: Growing from a small to a large organisation

This is quite and long and rambling piece on strategy+business that explores the challenges faced by organisations as they grow. The focus in the article is on technology start-ups but at least some of the points are relevant to other types of enterprise.

The label Chrysalis Effect is representative of the controlled dissolution of early stage enterprises and their reconstitution as mature organisations. The imagery explored is vivid and. for those of use that have been through the process, relate-able.

The author touches on four basic principles that a founder (or investor) can use to navigate through this transition.

  • Repositioning the founder
  • Recruiting for scale
  • Developing collaborative networks
  • Selectively adopting mainstream management practices

For the whole article see strategy + business. Author: Juliette Powell


Published: July 19, 2016. Categories: News and Robert's Blog.

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